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Background :

With 55 years of rich experience, Best Book Publishing House is a pioneer in designing Sample Papers for students taking their CBSE Examination. It has its origin way back in the year 1965 when three young men, Sh. Panna Lal Kohli, Sh. Suresh Kohli and Sh. Vinod Kohli entered the Publishing Sector under the name ‘Kohli Publication’ with the sole commitment to serve the students and educators in their pursuit of excellence. The seed they sowed branched into Series of Sample Papers in the year 1980. The ‘ U-LIKE team’ honours their tremendous contribution to the success of the Publication which they had nurtured with great passion and zeal.

The torch is now being carried forward by Mr Yogesh Kohli, who with his futuristic vision is all set to touch new heights in publishing by adapting to the technology boom which has become the ‘new way of life’ for schools educators and students. With the flexibility to adapt to the changing times the design and the pattern of the series have also evolved. The question banks composed and created by experienced teachers in all subjects based on the latest CBSE Examination pattern are revised each year making the series a ‘must-have’ for all students of IX, X, XI and XII.

Vision Statement :

Helping students to achieve their full potential by giving them ample practice through question banks and quality content created by an experienced team of highly qualified teachers best in their area of expertise.

Mission :

Understanding the needs of the teacher and the taught and accordingly providing quality content. Empowering not just the facilitators but the students as well. It aims to prepare students for the CBSE curriculum of classes IX, X, XI and XII.

Pedagogy :

The student masters concepts with the reference material provided by the team of experts in different subjects. It is the student’s journey and his alone, san comparison, without the fear of being judged and feeling embarrassed for his inadequacy if any. He/she refines improves himself at his own pace by reading the content analysing assessing himself on the basis of given samples striving to meet set standards and practising for achieving perfection. He defines his own limitations and moves forward by overcoming them.

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